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All About Me

NAME: Donald J. Roy
Race: Afro American
Age: 61
From: Texas, USA
Marital Status: Divorced
Religion: Faith In Jesus Christ
Occupation: Commercial Truck Driver/Web Site Designer
Inventor & Published Writer
Hobbies: Reading & Writing Poetry, Chess, Web Page Design, Video Games, Teaching God's Word
To Name A Few.

Respect Each Other

Scripture Time

I am the founder of a e-mail group of believers called "It's Scripture Time." Several years ago, as a part of a radio station, on each Friday, I along with others shared our favorite bible verse during that broadcast. That station is now defunct & in February 2003, God led me by His spirit to start this e-mail ministry. This ministry believes in the Virgin Birth, Ministry, Death, & Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I teach on a verse of scripture, which is set to a background in my Scripture Topics Page & on Saturday's, I compile a list of all the verses shared on each Friday & send them to all the members, so that they can have a reference list of verses to read in their spare time. I have always wanted to do something for God & what better way then to share His Word. It is a small way to say "Thank You Lord" for saving me. There are about 15 faithful members as of now & I pray that God will increase this membership. There is nothing to sell, just share a verse of scripture. If you would like to join this group, tell your family/friends to also send me an e-mail & I will give you/them the information on how to become a member.

May God always walk with you & you with God.


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